March 3, 2016

9:48 EST

What’s the logic in making anything? There is none. Any project I’ve seen fall apart did so when logic came into play. Once questions of: is it worth it? Will it be a good use of my time? A big hit… reared their head the project deflated. I’ve often had people reach out wanting to work on a project, excited and full of ambition until they tried to make logic of what we were doing? Could they guarantee it was worth it.

It’s always worth it just never how you expected. And there will never be logic. There is no logic in being an adult and playing pretend in front of other people. There is no logic in being moved and devastated by illusions that you know are fiction from the get go. There is no logic to any of this. Which is why it’s so important- the pursuit of the human being is not to be logical, logic is a by product of survival, we are logical in order to provide safety and comfort for ourselves… but it’s not the end game. We strive to be free. I hear it all the time. I say it.

“If I could just get out from under this.”
“If I could just do what I want.”
“If I could just start.”
“If I could just quit.”

Those are all little pleas for freedom. You make things BECAUSE no one told you to. You make them BECAUSE no one asked for them. You make them to be free.

Oct 7 Can’t Come Soon Enough

September 4, 2015


I became a comic book fan the same way I think a lot of people did. I had an Uncle. I went through his stuff. I found a lot of Swamp Thing and a lot of Sandman. So I guess I had a childhood filled with bedtime stories from Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

Oct. 7 my contribution to the form begins. SAINTS. A re-imagining asking what if God walked away from heaven and the re-incarnated souls of saints walked among us? What if their martyrdom was now a power?

The idea started with Ben Mackey, the amazing artist. And it’s good. I’m proud of it. It’s very funny and very thoughtful. And it combines everything I was into as a kid: heavy metal, religion, tons of comedy and a general feeling of what the hell am I doing here, and, how can I be good?



For ten years I’ve toured solo shows around the country. It happened both by accident and design- I wanted to do solo work at certain periods, at others I didn’t have a choice (KILLADELPHIA happened very much because producing theaters refused to do an ensemble version of the play). I get emails through here quite […]

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Goodbye 2014


A new year a new start. Head into production for a new film- THE JANITOR (a horror) in a few weeks. And a lot of honors for THESE HOPELESS SAVAGES. Last week we got accepted to our 21st Festival- the Richmond International Film Festival. In the past year I’ve been nominated for Best Actor in […]

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Killadelphia- the radio effect

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Over the Summer I was lucky enough to take a screenplay written by myself and Matt Dellapina and have the opportunity to direct it with the estimable Kaitlyn Busbee. We gathered a great cast of theater and film vets including Mackenzie Meehan (who you may have seen in Scorcese’s WOLF OF WALL STREET this Winter). […]

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DIY- a tale from the LastOnePicked


I almost didn’t get into grad school. I was wait listed at Iowa. Rutgers acting problem took back their offer to me that they’d already made when I told them I wanted to wait a little bit to see what I heard from other programs. I remember the time. I was living with a girlfriend […]

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SHOTS FIRED: Is hope the crutch of the American Theater?


1. My wife is teaching Waiting for Godot. This is at a community college. Her students are from all over the map- they usually have a lot more going in life than their elective classes- so their commitment can be variable. But they love Waiting for Godot. Not a lot of the other plays being […]

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Horizontal Living


I had a meeting yesterday with Megan Gogerty a wonderful playwright and friend in the neighborhood. She had come back from the Kendeda Anniversary banquet at Alliance Theatre (a weird confluence, I was in Atlanta the same week performing DOGS OF RWANDA at Horizon while also working on an NNPN Commission). We talked a lot […]

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Those State School Kids


I went to Suny-Binghamton. It now calls itself Binghamton University. Because Binghamton University sounds like poor kids don’t go to it. Whereas Suny anything sound slike a ragtag mix of kids from Queens and Fredonia and keggers and… When we were in acting classes we were often told how we were going to have a […]

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