When I was in Middle School one of the most embarrassing things that happened to me was that a few kids who decided I wasn’t cool, and more importantly was a “poseur” (we were in Upstate NY and what I was posing as is debatable, I think it centered around me wearing a Starter Jacket popular at the time) left messages on my family answering machine where they quoted Mr. Dobbalina by Del Tha Funkee Homo Sapien. The song is basically about Del being mad about someone being fraudulent in their behavior.

There has been so much writing about theater and the idea of reforms regarding programming, diversity and everything else that it seemed a decent time to check in. I still work with regional theaters but in the past few years have felt myself floating more and more away from them. Part of this was the nature of the work I created- often solo shows meant for me to perform many regional theaters didn’t know what to do with them. It was financial because presenting venues and performing arts center’s paid more than theaters (a fact most artists are never educated on). I felt I had to go an independent route.

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How is it anyone thinks Lebron would do anything but go to the Clippers? How? How could Lebron even believe he wasn’t going to sign with the Clippers? (note: I am not a Clipper fan, I root for the Nuggets, yes, I’m the one, Fat Lever, baby!).

Lebron is a walking finals appearance. A few years ago, obviously, there were questions on his greatness (after all how dare he be 25 and not have won an NBA Championship, can I hear OVERRATED). It was always curious to me how upset people were when he signed with the Miami Heat. I understood Cleveland fans being upset, nothing ever truly good seems to be able t happen in Cleveland for too long a spell, but the rest of the country seemed to be really out of touch with their own probable actions in the same situation. Let’s just say it’s 2010 again and YOU are Lebron:

1. You are 25 years old
2. You’re on your hometown team, sure, but no one else is (Delonte West was a
secondary option! And when your jumper fails you your fan base will freely
speculate that it’s because Delonte had sex with your mother. Your mother! Your
own fan base will discuss this on the radio! HOW DARE YOU LEAVE!!!)
3. You’re rich.
4. You’ve never been out of Ohio…

… And you can move to Miami!

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Killadelphia- the radio effect

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The Rhetorical Blandness of ESPN


There was a time when I lived in northern New Jersey that ESPN was an institution in my apartment. I lived with three friends from college (1 accountant, 1 marketing/sales, 1 pre-law and me, I was, we’ll say an actor slash vagabond at the time- I slept in the living room). We would however gather [...]

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Over the Summer I was lucky enough to take a screenplay written by myself and Matt Dellapina and have the opportunity to direct it with the estimable Kaitlyn Busbee. We gathered a great cast of theater and film vets including Mackenzie Meehan (who you may have seen in Scorcese’s WOLF OF WALL STREET this Winter). [...]

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DIY- a tale from the LastOnePicked


I almost didn’t get into grad school. I was wait listed at Iowa. Rutgers acting problem took back their offer to me that they’d already made when I told them I wanted to wait a little bit to see what I heard from other programs. I remember the time. I was living with a girlfriend [...]

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SHOTS FIRED: Is hope the crutch of the American Theater?


1. My wife is teaching Waiting for Godot. This is at a community college. Her students are from all over the map- they usually have a lot more going in life than their elective classes- so their commitment can be variable. But they love Waiting for Godot. Not a lot of the other plays being [...]

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Horizontal Living


I had a meeting yesterday with Megan Gogerty a wonderful playwright and friend in the neighborhood. She had come back from the Kendeda Anniversary banquet at Alliance Theatre (a weird confluence, I was in Atlanta the same week performing DOGS OF RWANDA at Horizon while also working on an NNPN Commission). We talked a lot [...]

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Those State School Kids


I went to Suny-Binghamton. It now calls itself Binghamton University. Because Binghamton University sounds like poor kids don’t go to it. Whereas Suny anything sound slike a ragtag mix of kids from Queens and Fredonia and keggers and… When we were in acting classes we were often told how we were going to have a [...]

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The International


I’ve been back in the States for three days. It’s insane- a week ago I was performing KILLADELPHIA at the Universitat del Teatre in Barcelona. It was received so well- despite language barriers- a really moving event. I finished my collaboration with La Pell Teatre of Spain, Barracuda Carmella of Bogota Colombia and Jump Current [...]

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