Last year I got approached by Baltimore Centerstage to write a monologue exploring America now. The 50 monologues by 50 different writers were then filmed by indie filmmaker Hal Hartley. Influenced by the work I did with displaced youth from Chicago who had come to Iowa for my play MAYBERRY. Hope you enjoy “THE GO”

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Newtown. The Response of Artists


The past few days our community has needed a vessel to use to talk about the shooting. I wrote this up based off of facebook posts, links and blogs- we’re presenting it here and making it available to anyone who needs a conversation starter. I think there is a general fear in sharing responses like […]

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HMU ep. 1 So myself and Megan Gogerty have begun a comedic podcast about well… everything. Babies, the artistic life, feminism, crazy Irish families, crazy Norwegian families, crappy jobs, stand up comedy and more. A laugh riot with hopefully a bit of poignancy from us to you and yours. Pass it around. The damn thing […]

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There’s a lot of parties going on tonight. Wine bottles opened. I know in other houses there’s crying and cursing and the usual frustration at the Electoral College that the losing side’s of elections complain about. I want to celebrate. I am happy to not be under a presidency that won’t value human rights over […]

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Late Nights. Existential and others…


When you start a theater company there are many things you’re supposed to do. We never did with Working Group. Like have a mission statement. They seemed fake and bullshit-y… nonsense you wrote for grants “OUR MISSION is to create new plays and bold interpretations of classics!” “our mission is to do plays straight from […]

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Sean Christopher Lewis … the recap from Available Light on Vimeo. Just stumbled across this today. Matt Slaybaugh- who directed both these shows and JUST KIDS did it. I have some great friends and collaborators- Matt and Matt Dellapina. Martin Andrews, Jennifer Fawcett. I’ve been lucky enough to go to Africa to do theater, to […]

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Where Have All the Joe Papp’s Gone?


“I’m not interested in producing plays. I’m interested in the theater.” – When the musical HAIR came across his desk it was just notebook paper with scribbles. – A CHORUS LINE was just a few taped interviews with nothing written. – Liz Swados was supposed to create a musical about ALICE IN WONDERLAND and at […]

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You Can Do This Too.


So the story at this point is well known (at least if you’ve ever read this blog). A group of theater artists working around the country decided to take a grand experiment and start a company in the heart of the Midwest to create plays about America right now. Agents were loss, insults were hurled […]

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When I was a kid my dad said to me “life is just a series of evolutions.” This was my real dad. The one I wrote a show about. The problem father. It seemed ironic when I got older that he had said it since he basically hadn’t seemed to evolve himself. More drink, more […]

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When Else Would You Do It


At my hotel the lobby television is a 24 hour cycle of gunshots, 911 calls and testimonials. It is all Aurora all the time. “When will we see the killer?” “Doesn’t he look dazed?” Cut to the girl with the ice cream cone. Repeat. I was born in Denver, Colorado. I lived in Aurora for […]

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