The International


I’ve been back in the States for three days. It’s insane- a week ago I was performing KILLADELPHIA at the Universitat del Teatre in Barcelona. It was received so well- despite language barriers- a really moving event. I finished my collaboration with La Pell Teatre of Spain, Barracuda Carmella of Bogota Colombia and Jump Current […]

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Made Ya Look


Nas- “Made You Look” from Benny Boom on Vimeo. It’s happening in a basement in Virginia In a tenement in the Bronx It’s happening down the street from the people complaining it’s not happening at all It’s happening under their noses and they can’t smell it cause it’s so fresh. It’s so pure. It’s so […]

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Barcelona Week One


On Wednesday I was invited by Francesc Casadesus, the Artistic Director of Mercat De Les Flores in Barcelona to come see the latest show they are presenting. “Obres” by Baro’Evel Cirk Cie. Amazing.

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Day 1: in the room


We arrive at the Institut Del Teatro de Barcelona at 2pm. Anna Estrada, the director of the school, sets us up in a room and we start to go. We are a group of six today– Me, Jenn and Martin from Working Group. Anna- who on tp of being director of the school is also […]

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From Spain


We arrived on TAP Portugal around 6pm. As with traveling to any foreign country I immediately feel guilty when I’m in line at the taxi station. When we were in Tanzania I had enough Swahili to get around. However, the Spanish I grew up learning in bits and pieces on the bus from my Colombian […]

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the startup plan


This is a blog, the first one in a long time, for all the people I talk to at conferences trying to figure out how to make a living or have a career, who asks questions because I’ve been lucky and because I’ve been unorthodox in doing so. Theater with a capital T- theater of […]

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The Horizontal


In the 15 years I’ve been working professionally I have found myself often tripped up by the thoughts of success, professionalism and the like that permeate arts and theater blogs and critical thinking. Jacob Yarrow passed along an essay, a speech really, by Liz Lerman given in 2001 or so to a group of dance […]

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Dogs of Rwanda: Full Audio


The past two weeks saw me in Columbus, Ohio performing my latest solo piece in living rooms, theater lobbies, backyards, galleries and more. It was amazing, the audience and I could see each other and really began to share an experience, an atrocity and a need to forgive. People hugged me during curtain call (I’ve […]

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Your Living Room, Your Board, Your Experience


I’ve toured a lot. It started seven years ago. I wrote a hip hop piece because I couldn’t get my friends to come see me in the classic stuff I was doing at the Pearl (they weren’t missing much, I was an understudy and I carried spears). I wrote I WILL MAKE YOU ORPHANS. Read […]

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Last year I got approached by Baltimore Centerstage to write a monologue exploring America now. The 50 monologues by 50 different writers were then filmed by indie filmmaker Hal Hartley. Influenced by the work I did with displaced youth from Chicago who had come to Iowa for my play MAYBERRY. Hope you enjoy “THE GO”

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