Militant Language

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Synopsis: Set in modern Iraq, this savage contemporary fable ignites when a pair of American soldiers return from a routine surveillance detail covered in blood. The barracks are no safe haven. The Captain fights to control his troops as they walk the high-wires of a secret homosexual affair, the sexual abuse of a female soldier, a missing Iraqi boy, and a baby found in the desert, ala Moses. This play explores how violence begets violence, lies beget lies, truth is born from trust, and understanding war makes as much sense as sand raining from the heavens.

10.15.08 City Beat, Cincinnati
“Critic’s Pick… a searing outcome, demonstrating the troublesome repetition of violence that begets more violence”

10.20.08 Onion A.V. Club Interview

10.30.08 Time Out Chicago
“Lewis’s proposition — that unfamiliar terrain can turn our moral judgment topsy-turvy — is intriguing, and there are moments of transcendence.”

10.30.0810.20.08 Chicago Reader
“Highly Recommended… a fascinating, disturbing evening”

11.14.08 Chicago Stage Review
“compelling, vital and exciting …”

Iowa New Play Festival PREVIEW
Iowa New Play Festival SCENE

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