Barcelona Week One

December 14, 2013

On Wednesday I was invited by Francesc Casadesus, the Artistic Director of Mercat De Les Flores in Barcelona to come see the latest show they are presenting. “Obres” by Baro’Evel Cirk Cie.


Titled as new circus it was a site specific endeavor that carried you through ever nook and cranny of the theater (and outdoors). I easily saw three things I’d never seen before. A live horse dancing with a company of dancers being one, a strongwoman 20 feet up on a fire pole holding her body onto the pole with just the strength of her innter thig (all while having a trained bird land in her hair mind you), a sound design made up of tiny timed and controlled droplets of water… there were more things of course. The show was amazing. A total redefinition of circus.

I spoke with Francesc the next day and he mentioned how this stunning theater was dormant for years until Peter Brook was invited to do one of his seminal works and chose the storage building as his performance space. Since then it has been the city’s dance theater.

Good Ol’ Peter Brook.


The week has been intensive and hard. We are collaborating with two other theater companies and a dancer so it is a lot of new language to learn. Everyone has led for a specific day. We’ve danced a lot. Done some performance art in the city square had a few arguments and drank a fair amount of beer.

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