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December 9, 2013

We arrived on TAP Portugal around 6pm. As with traveling to any foreign country I immediately feel guilty when I’m in line at the taxi station. When we were in Tanzania I had enough Swahili to get around. However, the Spanish I grew up learning in bits and pieces on the bus from my Colombian friend Paul is not serving me oh so well in Barcelona.


This was the brainchild of our Producing Director Martin Andrews. 5 years ago when we started Working Group we all made a list of fantasy projects. Martin’s was a large scale international collaboration (other items on the list were a feature in the NY Times, a residency at an APAP venue, a National tour, a film- all things we each scoffed at when someone else int he group would say it- right now we’ve checked everything off the list except for the international collaboration).

It will be a crazy two week period of exploring riots and civil disobedience. Our collaborators include a choreographer, sound designer and video designer from Canada (Meagan O’Shea and Jump Current), a clown company from Colombia (La Barracuda Carmela) and a physical theater from right here in Barcelona (La Pell).

But yes the cab… driving into the city Jenn mentions it looks like Paris and i see all the American style hip hop graffiti. The buildings are stunning and old world as you’d expect. It’s strange 50 degrees with palm trees but people in winter clothing.

We went to a small neighborhood and local shops (learning the hard way that American credit cards aren’t always accepted by smaller merchants. They miss a technology that places a hologram looking thing on the front of the card for identification purposes.)

The night ends as most non profit theaters evenings. Martin, Jenn and I drinking wine and eating pasta waiting for the others to arrive with our MacBooks open writing grants back in the States.

At night I can’t sleep and looking out the window I remember Zanzibar a bit. I’m lucky and forget. This weird theater dream has provided so many opportunities. It’s incrementally taught me to believe not only in myself but in my friends and to believe in what we might collectively be able to accomplish. I’ve seen the world and collaborated with amazing artists on multiple continents. Not something anyone would have thought of some idiot kid in Acting I at SUNY-Binghamton.

People even bother to read this blog which amazes me. I think travel and moments like this help remind me to keep committing to those around me, to continue facing down my own demons, failures and flaws (and there are so many) and to dream- not out of narcissism or self importance- but to dream of growth. Of change. Of becoming a better and more realized person.

Barcelona Day One brings new hopes.

Also, the Denver Broncos won. So there is that (gotta bring back tot he pedestrian somehow!)

Be well. Sean.

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