Dogs of Rwanda: Full Audio

October 18, 2013

The past two weeks saw me in Columbus, Ohio performing my latest solo piece in living rooms, theater lobbies, backyards, galleries and more. It was amazing, the audience and I could see each other and really began to share an experience, an atrocity and a need to forgive. People hugged me during curtain call (I’ve never had that experience).

Synopsis: Based on interviews and experiences I had while working with genocide survivors in Rwanda the piece looks at David a writer who found himself lost in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994. At the time he was a teen missionary, years later, he wrote a book about his experiences that shattered his life in other ways. A living Gacaca (the tribal trials that were used to serve justice post genocide) is presented each night in the houses and shared spaces of the presenting community.

THE SAMPLE: This was recorded in a backyard in Columbus, Ohio.

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