Your Living Room, Your Board, Your Experience

October 4, 2013

I’ve toured a lot. It started seven years ago. I wrote a hip hop piece because I couldn’t get my friends to come see me in the classic stuff I was doing at the Pearl (they weren’t missing much, I was an understudy and I carried spears). I wrote I WILL MAKE YOU ORPHANS. Read Our Band Could Be Your Life. And that was it. I was on the road, indie rock style, heading to Fringe Festivals, major solo festivals and regional theaters… I was playing my hometown.

Then I went off and made KILLADELPHIA. The work expanded outside of myself for the first time. Interviews and social consciousness melded with the poetry:

I was tired at the end of Killadelphia. For four years I toured. Regional theaters, detention centers, prisons, colleges… numerous awards, reviews… so much exhaustion.

I went to Kansas and worked at the SEK school for troubled youth. Brought me back to my past and out came JUST KIDS

Just Kids by Sean Christopher Lewis from Available Light on Vimeo.

Another two years touring… This American Life episode in the middle of it. The creation of my own company… and on and on.


The politics. The poetry. The experience. DOGS OF RWANDA. Based off my time in Rwanda working with at risk youth at Agohozo Shalom Youth Village… directed and shaped by longtime collaborator Matt Slaybaugh of Available Light Theatre. We simplified and I went back to the indie rock playbook. We’re touring it right to your house and backyard. With r without a theater. We just opened in a house in Columbus and saw how amazingly it works. We want your house. Your city. Let’s have the conversation around your living room table.

You in?

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