November 7, 2012

There’s a lot of parties going on tonight. Wine bottles opened. I know in other houses there’s crying and cursing and the usual frustration at the Electoral College that the losing side’s of elections complain about.

I want to celebrate. I am happy to not be under a presidency that won’t value human rights over financial gains. For the most part that’s what the election means to me. Not so much Obama versus Romney as Social Good versus Financial Gain.

Until the Republicans have a candidate who sees the equality and importance of each human experience it won’t be really possible to ever look at a candidate in any conceivable way.

But I don’t see Obama as a saint. I think it’s dangerous too. I have friends overseas who implored me: don’t vote Obama. Obama is killing people over here. We are killing people over here.

These aren’t lunatic conservatives. These are men and women more liberal than myself (if anything I’m basically centrist- financially conservative socially liberal). These are smart people, journalists, authors, artists working in countries like India, Pakistan, Somalia.

What they’re talking about are the kill lists and the drone attacks. They’ve seen the kids killed by this. The bodies. They’ve talked to their families. They’ve felt as Americans this is them.

This needs to change. We voted today- we got our button. But it doesn’t end there. It’s not a once every four years commitment. It’s not my team one and your team lost (the greatest and most depressing concept of modern American politics). It’s not the absence of listening (a problem both ‘sides’ gleefully enjoys). It’s an ongoing civil engagement.

We make our leaders not the other way around.
I’m glad it’s Obama and not Romney. Personally, my citizenship starts local, goes national and than global. But that doesn’t mean we can sit back and just wait for decisions to be made. Your voice only started today. Hopefully you have the courage for the real work. Not posting about voting on Facebook but posting for justice, listening and understanding, challenging and imploring… our leaders are us. If not today they need to be down the line.

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