You Can Do This Too.

August 28, 2012

So the story at this point is well known (at least if you’ve ever read this blog). A group of theater artists working around the country decided to take a grand experiment and start a company in the heart of the Midwest to create plays about America right now. Agents were loss, insults were hurled and so on and so on.

This week we open RUST. This was a long collaboration between Working Group and Austin Bunn. Austin and i working as co-writers on the final product. It was commissioned by the National Performance Network and opens this week at Legion Arts. Today it was featured in the Huffington Post. Working Group listed in a group of important protest plays alongside names like Peter Weiss, Emily Mann, Culture Clash, Dustin Lance Black and the team behind the Exonerated.

Same show that got mentioned in the NY Times Sunday Magazine as well. I’m proud today because we were told we couldn’t do it. Repeatedly. We still lose out to the coasts on major grants partially because of flyover mentality (“If they’re in Iowa how serious could they be”). But the work is not lying. The work is good. The work is important. And not in any pretentious way… When these guys come to theater:

Untitled from Jeremy Moore on Vimeo.

You know it was worth the time. I want to know my country and I got straight up mocked for that. So today I’m gonna celebrate a bit. And you should come tot he show. The show is dope.

And thanks for reading. And thanks for caring. YOU CAN DO THIS ANYWHERE. If you don’t care about agents. If you don’t care about fame. Or money. Or hipster cred. Or any of the other shit being peddled then you can do it. IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE WORK. Let’s start the revolution, brother.

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