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May 25, 2011

Why all the punk postings lately? Well, I’ve been looking at the next few months and what Working Group and myself are looking to accomplish and we’re looking to invade your home. (From a Don Hall post)

The Home Theater Festival, at its fullest, is nothing more than a community of broke, lazy artists committed to making art at any cost. We are a community of artists committed to helping each other make awesome work with nothing at all.

And the art you make may be messy and cheap. That’s fine. But I’ll tell you. As someone who’s seen more home shows than probably anyone on the planet, I can tell you that shows in livingrooms and kitchens and backyards are more alive and personal than most of the bullshit that passes for art in “real” venues.

I know what you’re thinking. Home shows are cute and all, but I want to be a legitimate artist. I’m trying to be the kind of artist that gets grants and flies around the world doing residencies, and a home show just ain’t gonna cut it.

To which I say, If you keep thinking that way, you’re part of the problem.

Because legitimacy is a fucking shell game. Legitimacy is a carrot the arts foundations and institutions dangle to keep us playing their game.

Well no more. We can start our own game. We can control how and when and why we make art. We can control the means of production and distribution. We can keep all the money we make, with no third parties skimming our ticket sales. We can marshal the full potential of our networks, and make all of our dreams come true.

Next year is a big year for WG. We have some “legitimate” opportunities, for sure. But we also are embracing this model. We are a DIY company. We do theater whenever and however we can. We encourage others to dot he same.

If we can get money for a project great. If not, we’ll do it anyway. Next year we are touring basically anything we can. And we will in our Black Flag, Minutemen, Husker Du ethos perform in your living room and garage and basement… Seriously, you have a basement and want a show to happen there? Drop me a line, let’s see if we can make it happen.


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