May 23, 2011

Reading Steven Blush’s American Hardcore and re-reading Our Band Could Be Your Life. Which if I haven’t said before are both basic how to guides to having an alternative career in the arts.

It has a lot to do with people not knowing better or just not caring. And so they pressed up records and said “I’m here.”

The issue of class is swept under the rug in American Theater all the time. But it’s real, incredibly real… and it’s a question of access. You sit back and look at the plays and writers supported and there are points where you just realize and accept- I don’t fit in. I’m not welcomed to this.

Our Band was what I read before I toured my first solo show. I slept on Matt Slaybaugh’s floor in Columbus Ohio after a long drive… and I read it cover to cover and I realized I could do the same thing. Be my own press, my own enterprise… just had to believe.

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rebar cutter June 25, 2011 at 4:48 am

At this time, withal , the promise of a peaceful Arab Springtime appears to be giving way to the reality of a long, trigger happy summer as authoritarians across the Middle East and North Africa draw a line in the sand and fight to keep ascendency of their lands .


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