Oct 7 Can’t Come Soon Enough

September 4, 2015


I became a comic book fan the same way I think a lot of people did. I had an Uncle. I went through his stuff. I found a lot of Swamp Thing and a lot of Sandman. So I guess I had a childhood filled with bedtime stories from Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

Oct. 7 my contribution to the form begins. SAINTS. A re-imagining asking what if God walked away from heaven and the re-incarnated souls of saints walked among us? What if their martyrdom was now a power?

The idea started with Ben Mackey, the amazing artist. And it’s good. I’m proud of it. It’s very funny and very thoughtful. And it combines everything I was into as a kid: heavy metal, religion, tons of comedy and a general feeling of what the hell am I doing here, and, how can I be good?

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