August 2012

Where Have All the Joe Papp’s Gone?


“I’m not interested in producing plays. I’m interested in the theater.” – When the musical HAIR came across his desk it was just notebook paper with scribbles. – A CHORUS LINE was just a few taped interviews with nothing written. – Liz Swados was supposed to create a musical about ALICE IN WONDERLAND and at […]

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You Can Do This Too.


So the story at this point is well known (at least if you’ve ever read this blog). A group of theater artists working around the country decided to take a grand experiment and start a company in the heart of the Midwest to create plays about America right now. Agents were loss, insults were hurled […]

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When I was a kid my dad said to me “life is just a series of evolutions.” This was my real dad. The one I wrote a show about. The problem father. It seemed ironic when I got older that he had said it since he basically hadn’t seemed to evolve himself. More drink, more […]

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