July 2012

When Else Would You Do It


At my hotel the lobby television is a 24 hour cycle of gunshots, 911 calls and testimonials. It is all Aurora all the time. “When will we see the killer?” “Doesn’t he look dazed?” Cut to the girl with the ice cream cone. Repeat. I was born in Denver, Colorado. I lived in Aurora for […]

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Pam’s upper body doesn’t really work anymore. Just think about that sentence: it doesn’t really work. We meet her husband and her at a French bakery located in a strip mall- it’s strange, crepes and croissants next to Job Lot… Her husband is a school teacher, pragmatic and friendly. They’ve just gotten back from Washington […]

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The Interview


The interview happens on a wooden deck in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The home is nestled in the woods so all we have are trees and the sound of birds. We are on River Street. Which is just off Riverfront Avenue which is, itself, off Riverview… as one of my fellow interviewers jokes to the couple […]

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