April 2012

A Company Man


“They want you to be a mercenary. That way you don’t win the war. You just get to be the schlub who takes the bullets.” I bet you like Ian McKellan. Patrick Stewart too. Maybe Helen Mirren? Yeah I bet you think they’re good. Bet you think “man if I could be that good.” What […]

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Already Home


They want me to fall Fall from the top They want me to drop They want me to stop They want me to go I’m already gone The shit that I’m on I’m already home… I’m Already Home

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I’m gonna die


I was asked by an actor today why I’m always working? Why I’m always writing something, why even in rehearsals, I’m creating something on the breaks… And I told him. “Because I’m gonna die.” I’m always aware I am going to die. I think about this all the time. Death is the weird thing that […]

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