January 2012

The No Play Map


I write this while pretty and awfully sick in New Mexico. I just got off stage and am lying in bed downing fluids and trying to waste time before I go to sleep. The show I’m in went well despite myself- it’s called THE TEACHER SHOW it’s at the REVOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (which is dope) […]

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Theatrical Words of Advice from Rappers Part 1: Danny Brown


Danny Brown is a rapper who doesn’t look like a rapper. He wears tight clothes. He wears his hair wild and to the side. As he says he dresses however he wants in an industry where image is everything. “I dress like this so that I can tell who not to fuck with. Like if […]

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You create… not simply because you can. And not because you are special. You create because your need is different. Your friend needs money because he never had any, your neighbor needs comfort because he grew up not knowing it… you need communion because you feel alone. You need communication because you can only speak […]

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Become What You Are


1. Today is the 2 and a half year anniversary of Working Group Theatre. and the third year anniversary of the idea. With no planning it got commemorated in a few ways we never could imagine: The NY Times Magazine presented the text of one of our plays. American Theater Magazine reminded me of my […]

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New York, NY


Today starts a crazy Winter and Spring. I am in NYC for the next two weekends performing KILLADELPHIA at the Drilling Company Theatre for APAP (Association Performing Arts Presenters) theaters and staff. A few months ago Mark Russell from Under the Radar called and invited me to be an artist at the festival’s speed dating […]

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