November 2011

Is This A Movement


This week I am in Putney Vermont at Sandglass Theatre on an NPN Residency. Putney is small- about 2,000 people. I’ve taught at five different schools, from middle school to college, and I run into students from each class every time I buy bread at the Co-op. There’s a nice sense of community. Transition Putney […]

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Local Story


One thing that is absolutely great about touring is getting to meet people across the country. It can be heard on the road- i miss Jenn, I miss my dog, I miss my daily routine- but there’s still something amazing about going back to back to all these spaces performing a show you wrote. I’m […]

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The Value Mart. A response to Polly Carl.


When I was in grad school my roommate Sam Hunter (Big Up Bright New Boise) wrote this great play that had a reference to a place called Valumart. And everyone wanted to go there and it was really idyllic. I thought about it tonight as i read Polly’s post (oh the internet where we’re all […]

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