October 2011

Hal Brooks for the Win


Read this first… And here is my response: Hal… appreciated. David… you know where I stand. I have worked with Hal as a director at the Inge Center in Kansas. I was a participant at Playpenn in 2007, the play I wrote (Militant Language) was one of the 32 plays Hal mentions that got multiple […]

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Who Likes A Cover Band?


I had a good conversation with my man Austin Bunn this morning. And as everyone is writing about Adam Rapp and Charles Isherwood and I find myself thinking “who even cares?” I’ve decided to write a post for people who don’t live in NY, create theater in NY and could care less about offering more […]

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I’m watching Occupy Wall Street. And it’s good. My blog feed and facebook all bounding with reports. A few of my artist friends are taking part in disparate cities… I see posts of hope and excitement towards activism. I’m reading Polly Carl’s YES essay. More comments on Facebook “yes, to YES!” I’m looking at American […]

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