August 2011

A Change of Pace


A new comedy short Matt Dellapina and I shot… My favorite line might be: “That’s just a wall.”

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The Last Day


Nyamata rests in the hills roughly 40 minutes South of Kigali. The drive is scenic: lush green steppes, those famous red dirt roads, banana trees… when the wind blows those trees make a sound like rain that bely the clear, dry, sky. We drive- myself, Bosco (our driver), Media (our guide), Jennifer, DeDe and Marianna- […]

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Karinda Emmanuel


Media (pronounced MAY-DEE-UH) has been our guide in Rwanda. She is a counselor to kids at Agohozo Shalom and- as we’ve learned walking through the streets of Kigali- is a very famous radio actress. Media is stunning- thin and dark, long braids swinging from her head, she smiles incessantly. I’ve made a game of turning […]

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Zip Zap Zop International


So yesterday I played Zip Zap Zop with the daughter of one of the founders of the African National Conference (and close friend of Nelson Mandela) as well as a current USA Artists Fellow. Zip Zap Zop for those that don’t know is a theater game where you pass the words Zip Zap Zop in […]

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Bosco and the Fields- Dispatch from Rwanda


“I love American news,” Bosco says. “I listen all the time. because what happens there is effects here. And what happens there is predetermined.” Pre-determined, I wonder. “You read the bible?”

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