July 2011

Talk to Me


Like any good American I don’t have a mastery of any language besides English. However, I do have a wonderfully mispronounced and stupefying acquaintance with a ton of partial languages. I understand just enough Spanish to say hello, order an Enchilada and then ask where the bathroom is (always very useful in personal house visits). […]

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Up A Long Red Road


The Rwandan ground is bright red. It colors your shoes like crayons and sinks so deep that even your socks match in crimson when you undress each night. We walk a long hill each day to school. The compound- and it is a compound- is fenced in with traditional chain link and wire and each […]

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I was 16…


I was 16 in 1994. I remember I had a crush on a girl at my high school named Stacy. She was two years older. She also had no interest in me (though my angst ridden quoting of the movie HEATHERS did get her to talk to me and proclaim me her “project” for the […]

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Compromise Me


“Once the music leaves your head it’s already compromised”- Jack Brewer We’ve spent the last week with Working Group workshopping a new piece on race, assimilation, class, education and more… It’s been using the 30 or 40 interviews we’ve taken over the year and using them to create characters. This week we did extensive improvisations, […]

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