November 2010



I remember there was this moment. I was twenty years old and I was in a car. The person driving was a family friend in his thirties and next to him was his wife- a beautiful blonde woman, smart and sweet to boot. And the car was nice and they were dressed well and we […]

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The Inspiring for the Aspiring


“Labels wasn’t lining up Nobody was signing us Fuck’em” I remember when I first moved to New York City- Binghamton University as my school- Binghamton which had more of a drama club than a drama department. But it had some hungry cats. This post is for the Matt Moses’, the John Russo’s, the J Kaminsky’s, […]

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The Problem When You Sell Hope


Tonight many other bloggers will go online and as on my facebook there will be liberal anger and disbelief- there will be shock and sadness- a lot of remarks about the stupidity of the “tea party.” Of fringe groups and Republicans… and so on. I’m disappointed. Not because of the house. Not because what might […]

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The Single Production- Or Death to Your Premiere


“It takes a play at least three productions to really even think of itself as finished.” A great playwright told me that once. And so i thought- three productions it is. An arbitrary number except for what it implied- that no matter what a play needed more than one production to be finished. Ed Albee […]

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