October 2010

Michigan Dreaming


I feel lucky I get to talk to students a lot. Going to colleges is probably one thing along with the detention centers that I really feel gratified because I learn so much from it. I was at Grand Valley State university tonight and spoke with students there. I’ve been working with directing students there […]

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How Plays Used To Get Made


Stayed up all night with a friend drinking a bit and improvising. We’re producing a play of his for the second time (this is Working Group- we’re touring it to Michigan after its Iowa premiere and then on to other venues)… In Iowa we ran into problems with portions of the script- a good friend […]

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Why Am I Here?


I asked it when I first came to Idaho. I’ve said it to myself in the car pulling up to every theater, community center and the like in Philly, Kansas, Baltimore… I said it this morning, yawning, tired, worn down as Nick and Hollis (the producers who brought me out here) drove me in the […]

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From the Depths- The Infrastructure Conundrum


I’m in Boise right now. lots of open spaces, nice people, mountains. Really stunning. Lots of free time to think. A few years ago I was a guest at a major developing conference and the Literary Manager of the conference told me straight up- “You know August Osage County is the best play I’ve seen […]

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Dispatches from the Road- Glens Falls


Just did KILLADELPHIA as part of TCG’S Free Nigh of Theater at Adirondack Theatre Festival (and special thanks to SUNY Adirondack). I grew up in upstate NY. My parents live an hour away and it’s always great to be back (I did my solo I WILL MAKE YOU ORPHANS here 2 years ago). It’s been […]

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