August 2010

On the docket…


Been having a great back and forth with the ever gracious David (but I’ve been calling him Dave) Dower here and here. Otherwise been busy, busy… finishing a new play commission about the future of the immigration issue for Interact Theatre, a solo play commission for Available Light in Columbus and starting today a commission […]

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The Cross Blog Highway


So, a great, informative and honest new play response from Dave Dower at the best of places for it- the Arena’s New Play Blog. And this is all important stuff- the honesty of what the actual work day and job requirement at a theater the size of Arena is, helps illuminate the subject. Humanize it- […]

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Dear Dave,


Whether it’s agents or you or Polly or Paige, I’ve got love because in the end we all want the same things. We all believe in this big game of pretend that happens a few hours each night- we all are craving that indelible voice. I just want this to be the start of this […]

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If You Can’t Be Touched…


Then, you’re out of touch. Let me repeat that: If you can’t be touched, then you’re out of touch. This was going to be a post @DavidDower, @Polly Carl, @Paige Evans and more… If you’re keeping score they’d be the dramaturgy and new play entities at Arena Stage, Steppenwolf and LCT3. Entities- it’s a weird […]

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Mamet On Exercise


Little known fact: up until a knee injury ruined my career and left unable to properly compete- I was a collegiate wrestler. I took some movement classes at that time- I was a Sophmore- to try and help get it into shape. And soon after that my teacher started pushing me to audition for plays […]

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