July 2010

Final Dispatch- Tanzania


We saw cows on the beach today. A herd, who walked past us, hooves in sand, moving as a group, wandering… on the East Coast of Zanzibar. We were in Pagea- a quiet town miles from the bustle of Stone Town that’s held us the past week. We were the only guests at our resort […]

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Zanzibar and a little US


The back streets of Zanzibar are like little Venetian alleyways where men in Kafkas and Kanzus talk about the Koran on one corner, boys play soccer in another and vespas fly past… the Indian Ocean is an insane blue and at night the front dock becomes a wonderous food market lit up with a thousand […]

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Tanangire- Tanzania


Last night we slept in a tented lodge next to Lake Mynnhra in the heart of the Tanangire National Park. In our back yard were a herd of three Zebra running free and the horizon had these luscious mountains. We opened up the windows and slept with the stars above us- an open sky, no […]

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Tanzania- Scholarly Pursuits (Dispatches)


Imagine Peter Brook. The 70’s. Traveling with his international company through villages in Africa. A carpet rolled out waiting… for something to happen. Maybe an actor begins stretching, a few villagers come together, a boy starts playing a game on the rug- he’s never seen a play, he just sees foreigners, he just sees a […]

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Black Panthers, Freestyle Rap and More aka Another Weekend in Tanzania


So, it’s Saturday. It’s been a great week in Tangeru. We finished the plays this week- the kids slammed some more poetry- and it slammed it hard. And then today? I find myself in a compound in Imbreani a town a few miles from the city of Arusha sitting at a cafe of the United […]

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