May 2010

Present and Accounted For


I was teaching The Cherry Orchard to a class today. It’s been a three week intensive in “Masterworks” or whatever the college calls it. My students are incredibly smart and driven and they’ve created the most amazing 5 minute interpretations of each play. We’ve talked a lot about preconceptions and not treating the Canon like […]

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Port of Call, Watchmen


So I’m alone this weekend. Just me, two cats and the flat screen… Went to the library and finally got around to picking up WATCHMEN. How God awful… Now. My opinion is tempered with really loving the graphic novel but like honestly the whole thing is like a damn music video. There’s music constantly. And […]

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So So Fresh


So, i have been absent. I was really sick. Like death at my doorstep sick. That is subsiding now. Shots galore in my body. And I’m left not feeling like ranting about theater today. I’m a sports fan- you a sports fan? ESPN has basically devoted all of their coverage to following LeBron James and […]

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