April 2010



I’m a big sports fan. And I’m an even bigger Denver Bronco fan. When my parents got divorced and I moved to NY I held onto the Broncos desperately. I was this fat transfer student- 3rd grade- had a haircut that looked like a bowl got put on my head. I was shy and into […]

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Da Busy Bee


Anyone remember the Killer Bee’s? They were a pair of WWF wrestlers who were “good guys” and they wore these very weird almost fetish influenced black and yellow striped trunks- that supposedly made them LOOK like a bee. There’s no indignity we’ll stoop to as entertainers. Those were two weightlifting junky adults who said “I’m […]

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Smith Prize


A great article with some KILLA video at the LA Times: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/culturemonster/2010/04/two-plays-tie-for-2010-smith-prize-.html I gotta give thanks to Matt Slaybaugh, Dave Wallingford and the Available Light Crew, Gavin Witt and Baltimore CENTERSTAGE, Seth Rozin and Interact Theatre, Jane Golden and Mural Arts, Shannon Mayers and John Jay College, everyone who has seen it and the lovely […]

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I’m supposed to be working on a commission right now but I ain’t gonna! I snuck away. To blog to you! Huzzah! Matt Slaybaugh- TheatreForte, Available Light- is in town- he’s been emailing pictures of my cats and house to people all night. And we were talking about blogging. I got my students reading everything […]

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A Response to Parabasis or What’s a Writer Anyway


Below is a response to a conversation at Parabasis (Isaac Butler): http://parabasis.typepad.com/ The conversation was centering around whether David Mamet was a good screenwriter or playwright. And was a reaction to a recent posting by Mamet in the Guardian. It made me think some things. I responded and below are those questions I had: ——————————————————— […]

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Regionalism or Where You At?


“Don’t think ’cause I ain’t from NY That I can’t get down Cause it don’t mean shit- Only question is: Do you feel my sound???” True Story #1: An award winning playwright from the Midwest is invited to Playwright’s Week at the Lark to present a new play. it goes well- people afterwards are giving […]

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Mary’s Wedding reviewed by Iowa Theatre


Mary’s Wedding is a Touching Breath of Fresh Air by Angie Toomsen Riverside – Anything is possible in a dream, and anything is possible in theatre. In the beginning of Stephen Massciotte’s Mary Wedding, it is announced “tonight is just a dream . . . it begins at the end and ends at the beginning.”

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What’s a Dope (Theatre) City?


Let me repeat: I’m not bashing New York. But I ain’t building the mother up either. I had drinks tonight- I’m not a drinker- but when I have drinks, I enjoy it and I like to talk with like minded people. So… I was having drinks tonight with Idris Goodwin.

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To The Graduating Class


So it’s April… this is when the grad school freak out happens. Looking to graduation thinking what am I going to do with my life? Where am I going to live? How to make it in this big bad theater world? Most of you are going to move to NY. A bunch more to LA. […]

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