March 2010

Who’s the leader?


Lot of in fighting at parabasis today about inclusiveness in the arts (… the basic thing is if you want to see more diverse seasons (diverse denoted by race in the fight at parabasis) then you need more leaders of color at larger regional theaters. It’s that simple. You won’t be able to shame institutions. […]

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I Hate My Job (from Cam’ron)


“I hate my boss, dude thinks he knows it all And I know I know it all But I follow protocol” – Cam’ron “I hate my job” Everything I’ve accomplished in my “career” to this point has come from two sources: the history of 36 Chambers-era Wu Tang Clan and the story of punk bands […]

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Stress or the Late at Nights


My stomach has been bothering me the past few days. We’re about to head into tech for Mary’s Wedding a play I’m directing in the Midwest (you should know this- it’s in the header of this site) I’m finishing up the sound design and can’t sleep. My stomach feels torn to pieces.

The wife says it’s stress. Am I stressed? How could I? It’s not like I have a 9-5 day job, huge bills or any of the like hanging over me. I work in theater- how could that give someone an ulcer (if we ignore the constant search for employment, money, food and shelter that comes with that).

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DON’T WAIT… a reflection


Saturday morning I finished a run thru of Mary’s Wedding- a Canadian play I’m directing in the Midwest. I went to the airport and hopped a plane to Columbus, Ohio. 12 hours later I was on stage tech-ing Killadelphia at the Columbus Performing Arts Center with the good folks of Available Light Theatre. I’d performed […]

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